EuBIC-MS Seminar on Computational Mass Spectrometry 2023, Bochum

Each year, members of the European Bioinformatics Community for Mass Spectrometry (EuBIC-MS) gather in one place to organize and discuss future plans, conferences and the like. This also provides attending EuBIC-MS members with the perfect opportunity to present their work to local groups and faculties nearby Bochum and allows interested researchers to join this seminar. This year’s seminar, which takes place at the seminar room in ProDi (E0/247, Gesundheitscampus 4, 44801 Bochum), is filled with four talks from four excellent researchers, accompanied by food and drinks afterward.


14:00Scalable workflows and workflow benchmarking
Veit Schwämmle / University of Southern Denmark, DK
14:30Unraveling the dynamics of T-Cell receptor activation using phosphoproteomics
Marie Locard-Paulet / CNRS – IPBS, FR
15:15The future is predicted: Enabling challenging proteomics workflows with machine learning
Ralf Gabriels / VIB / Ghent University, BE
15:45Identifying cross-linked peptides with MS Annika 2.0
Viktoria Dorfer / University of Applied Sciences Upper Austria, AT


The seminar will start on Thursday, 28.09.2023, 14:00.
Registration to this seminar is free, although mandatory: