The European Bioinformatics Community for mass spectrometry (EuBIC-MS) is the EuPA initiative for mass spectrometry (MS)-related bioinformatics.

Vision and mission statement

EuBIC-MS is an inclusive and diverse community for computational mass spectrometry that connects users with developers, and academics with industrial researchers. We encourage and aim to maximize the development of high-quality, sustainable and accessible bioinformatic solutions in computational mass spectrometry. We achieve this by providing online community platforms dedicated to computational mass spectrometry, by organizing international meetings and educational workshops, and by coordinating and participating in community-driven projects.

Our missions are to

  • Build and support the community of bioinformaticians in computational mass spectrometry
  • Strive for a diverse, inclusive, welcoming, respectful, and friendly community
  • Bridge the gaps between users and developers, and between academia and industry
  • Foster knowledge dissemination and education in computational mass spectrometry
  • Identify open issues in the field and establish coordinated working groups
  • Raise awareness for the benefits of continuously supported open software

We achieve this by

  • Providing online community platforms dedicated to computational mass spectrometry, moderated according to our code of conduct
  • Organizing international Winter schools with Keynotes and Workshops
  • Organizing international Developers Meetings with collaborative hackathons
  • Organizing educational sessions, seminars, and scientific hubs
  • Facilitating, coordinating, and participating in community-driven projects
  • Transparently reporting our progress back to the community

Organizational structure

EuBIC-MS is an official EuPA Initiative that operates with a horizontal organizational structure, where two members officially represent the Initiative to EuPA, other stakeholders, and the public. Every member supports the code of conduct and is free to positively contribute to its activities. Each project and event organized by EuBIC-MS is led by a limited number of member-coordinators.

Current representatives: Marie Locard-Paulet & Ralf Gabriels
Past representatives: David Bouyssié

2021 Perspective publication

Bittremieux, W, Bouyssié, D, Dorfer, V, et al. The European Bioinformatics Community for Mass Spectrometry (EuBIC-MS): an open community for bioinformatics training and research. Rapid Commun Mass Spectrom. 2021.

Acknowledging EuBIC-MS in a publication

If you publish work that was supported by EuBIC-MS, please add the following sentence to the acknowledgements section:

We would like to acknowledge the European Bioinformatics Community for Mass Spectrometry (EuBIC-MS), an initiative of the European Proteomics Association, for supporting this project.

And cite the following publication: